Laminate floor comes in different color and have different uses

Laminate flooring, also called floating floor, offers a durable finish at a fraction of the cost of hardwood. It’s an excellent choice for basements and condominiums.





Installation of Laminate Flooring by Professionals

Laminate flooring, or floating floor, is mainly installed using the «click» method where planks are fitted together without glue.

New generations of laminate flooring look like real wood, at a fraction of the cost.

Although the installation of laminate flooring seems easy enough, it can sometimes be tricky. Your accredited installation expert, Les Entreprises Dalpro, has all the tools required to complete a top quality installation

Laminate flooring planks are all the same length. Your laminate flooring expert will make sure that the planks will not be fitted together with the joints alligned side-by-side in order not to weaken the floor. The planks may becut to fit any angles in your rooms and closets

Many laminate flooring planks designed to look like real wood are available on the market. However quality and price differ from one manufacturer to the next. 10mm or 12mm laminate planks will look more like hardwood than the 6mm planks

Laminate flooring’s main advantage is its stability. It can be installed in areas where the level of humidity in the air is higher, like a basement for instance. Les Entreprises Dalprorecommends that homeowners get a device that will help control the humidity in their home.

If you have a condominium you will be required to put an acoustic membrane underneath your laminate flooring

Les Entreprises Dalpro can help you choose the best acoustic membrane for your flooring project and install it underneath your laminate flooring. An installation well-performed will ensure unparalleled comfort