Hardwood flooring

Zoomed in view of an hardwood floor


Maple is a variety of hardwood that has an even and soft texture with a thin, straight grain which can also have a curly, wavy or striped look. Its colour ranges from almost white beige to dark brown. Over time, it will moderately change colour to take a light golden hue.Although maple hardwood is harder it is less stable that red oak hardwood.


Red oak has a coarse texture with lots of rings on each board. The natural wood grain highlights the warmth and richness of the floor. Its natural colour ranges from pinkish beige to dark reddish brown and varies little from year to year.


The natural grain of the yellow birch is fine, smooth and regular, which adds clarity to the room and allows it to harmonize with all styles. Its natural colour goes from pale beige to reddish brown. Its colour varies over time to become slightly amber.

American Walnut

A walnut wood floor gives a warm tone to a room. It has a fine-textured and diffusedporous grain which makes it an attractive and decorative wood. Its colour, which ranges from pale gold to rich brown, sometimes has purple shades and darker veins. It changes little from year to year and unlike other variety of hardwood, walnut tends to fade over time.

American Cherry

Its fine and wavy grain and uniform satiny texture give it a refined and elegant look. Its natural colour ranges from creamy white to reddish brown and has a strong tendency to darken and take mahogany colouringover time.

Installation of Hardwood Floors by Professionnals

An installation performed by a trade expert is the best way to have a hardwood flooring installation up to code.

The hardwood planks are nailed to a plywood sheeting.Your accredited installation expert, Les Entreprises Dalpro, has the experience, skills and tools required to perform a top quality installation

Hardwood planks must be inspected prior to installation. Les Entreprises Dalpro will make sure that the hardwood planks are compliant and ready to be installed

The length of the hardwood planks vary. Your hardwood installation specialist will make sure the planks are evenly distributed.

Harwood floors come in differents grades and colour. Your flooring installation specialist will make sure that the planks correspond to the quality expected

Hardwood flooring reacts to change of seasons. Why? Because wood is a living material. It is normal to see wood contracting during winter time when the humidity in the air is often too low and expanding during summer time when it absorbs excess humidity in the air. Ideally, homeowners should get a device that will help control the humidity in their home.

Your hardwood floor warrantee is effective in an environment where humidity rate is beween 40% and 60%. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline.

An installation well-performed will ensure unparalleled comfort