Flooring installation by a professionnal

Les Entreprises Dalpro, your flooring installation expert, has the experience and know-how to install hardwood, engineeredwood, Laminate (floating), and vinyl .

A top quality flooring installation by skillful and courteous trade professionals

Our skilled installation professionals work diligently to provide clients with top quality installations

Our team of experts is polite, courteous and meticulous. Choosing Les Entreprises Dalpro for your flooring project is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Our team of experts will verify the key-factors to a top quality installation

Our flooring installation experts will verify the level of humidity in the subfloor and in the room and will inspect flooring materials in order to identify any potential defects that might affect the quality of the installation

In addition to making routine verifications and following manufacturer’s specifications regarding the installation of their products, our experts use state of the art eqipment to ensure top quality flooring installations

The steps to perform a flooring installation are :

  • Verification of the environment (humidity level in the room)
  • Verification and corrections of deficiencies in the subfloor
  • Installation of felt paper or acoustic membrane
  • Verification of humidity level in the subfloor (Humidity in the plywood sheeting must not differ by more then 4% the humidity level in the hardwood and in the concrete flooring
  • Verification of the humidity level in the hardwood (level must be between 6% and 8%)
  • Installation of the planks or tiles according the the manufacturer’s specification
  • Cleanup of the room

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your flooring project.