Cleaning the wooden floor with a red washcloth

Les Entreprises Dalpro also offers the following services that will help make your flooring installation a top quality installation.

Leveling of concrete surface prior to your new flooring installation

Concrete surface must be leveled (a maximun deflection of 3/16’’ over 10 ft is acceptable) in order to have a solid and stable flooring installation. Les Entreeprises Dalpro only use state-of-the-art machinery for concrete preparation

Concrete slabs must be more that 30 days old and not have a humidity level exceeding 4% before installing flooring

Installation of Mouldings by Professionnals

Moulding installation is essential to complete any flooring installation project.The mouldings (quarter rounds, baseboards, nosings, floor mouldings) gives a room a polished look.

Floor mouldings act as a bridge between two different types of flooring (tile vs. wood, for example) or to cover a small gap between two surfaces that have the same thickness. There are many kinds of floor mouldings available, like reducers. They are used to join two types of flooring that do not have the same thickness

Not only do baseboards give a room a polished look, they are also used to hide the small gaps required to let the hardwood or engineered wood planks expand

Your accredited installation expert, Les Entreprises Dalpro, has the experience, skills and tools required to install all types of mouldings. So Instead of renting the equipment and doing the work yourself, let the experts at Les Entreprises Dalpro install the mouldings

Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

When sanding wood floors or installating new floors, it’s almost impossible not to leave traces of dust behind, no matter what type of equipment has been used. Les Entreprises Dalpro offers a cleaning services performed by a professional cleaning company.

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