Engineered wood planks are easy to set up

Les Entreprises Dalpro is the engineered wood flooring installation specialist for your flooring projects

Installation of Engineered Wood Flooring by Professionals

An installation performed by a trade professionnal is the best way to have your engineered flooring installation up to code

An engineered flooring maybe installed following three methods.

Double-glued installation

The first method is to perform a double-glued engineered flooring installation. First, a membrane is glued down on the concrete subfloor then the engineered floor is glued down on the membrane. This method provides for exceptional stability and better sound insulation

Floating installation

The second installation method is the floating installation. Inspired by the laminate flooring type of installation, the most popular way to install engineered wood flooring these days is the click method. Another way would be to apply glue between tongue and groove. Once the planks are glued, the weight of the engineered floor will provide good stability. This will eliminate any bouncing effect provided that the subfloor has been levelled according to manufacturer’s requirements.

Nailed-down installation

The third and best installation method of all is the nailed-down installation. In a house an engineered floor can be nailed-down directly to a plywood subfloor. However, in a condominium engineered floor has to be nailed-down to a floating plywood sheeting placed over a membrane.

Engineered wood, like hardwood planks must be inspected prior to installation. Les Entreprises Dalpro will make sure that the engineered wood planks are compliant and ready to be installed

The length of the engineered wood planks varies. Your engineered wood installation specialist will make sure the planks are evenly distributed.

Engineered wood flooring comes in different grades and colour. Your flooring installation specialist will make sure that the planks correspond to the quality expected

Engineered wood flooring is more stable than hardwood floors

It is still possible however to see engineered wood contracting during winter time when the humidity in the air is often too low and expanding during summer time. Ideally, homeowners should get a device that will help control the humidity in their home.

Your engineered wood floor warrantee is effective in an environment where the humidity rate is between 40% and 60%. In reality a quality engineered wood flooring remains stable enough and can endure a humidity rate between 30% and 70%. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline.

If you have a condominium you will be required to put an acoustic membrane underneath you engineered wood flooring

Les Entreprises Dalpro can help you choose the best acoustic membrane for your engineered flooring project and install it underneath your engineered wood flooring. An installation well-performed will ensure unparalleled comfort